Shake and Spa!

My idea of a beach bum heaven is always made up of two elements – Shake and Spa.

For quite sometime now, I’ve been guzzling watermelon shakes because it is refreshing and healthy at once. Just recently, I finished glasses of watermelon shake while basking under the Boracay sun at the hilltop of Mandala Spa and Resort Villas Boracay. I easily tune into relaxation mode by having fruity shakes at Mandala’s airy villa interiors and getting the vibe of its historical charm from the wooden carvings.


Speaking of history, did you ever noticed some watermelon figures in the ancient civilisation paintings? It has been said that Pharaohs had watermelons in their tombs for their water supply as they journey the afterlife. Now, I just want to stock up on more watermelons at home.


Nutritionally, lycopene and citrulline can be found in watermelons which are very essential to our bone and cardiovascular health. A little antioxidant protection from watermelon wouldn’t hurt given the harsh ultraviolet light on our skin at the beach. Its cleansing effect is good for your kidney too.

20604660_681818915342518_8882532461121202052_n (1)

While my body is relaxed from Mandala‘s soothing massage service, it is reaping also the benefits of my watermelon shake intake. Who would have thought shake and spa makes a good combination! 20814995_10154915167312939_2131777532_n (2)


Thank you to Mandala Spa and Resort Villas in Boracay for the ultimate rejuvenating vacation and Wanderlust swimwear, as always.

Love, Parul.

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