Great skin easy.

With the advent of x number of skin care routine, there are two basic essentials that sets the stage. In every comprehensive routine, don’t misled yourself into thinking that the basic is less effective.


Let’s start with water. Not just for the skin but drinking water is good for the overall health. If your skin lacks hydration, it will dramatically become dry and flaky. Drinking at least 8 glasses a day is not just cliche but something we should religiously heed on because it helps get rid of our toxins.


The skin is the largest organ in our body and it is just fitting that it deserves the best kind of treatment there is. I’m always at work and my skin is exposed to harsh conditions everyday. It makes sense that I devote an hour of my time to see my derma and not pass up on a good basic facial. And when it calls for anything beyond the usual treatment, I know I can still count on my derma.


Any standard derma time for me is relaxing. It always feel like hitting the spa and I cherish it a lot. Don’t fall into the routine of only seeing your derma until there is a problem. In a holistic view, prevention is always better than cure!



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